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Stew Silinsky was born and raised in (where else!) the Garden State: New Jersey. Building on a childhood love of the natural world, he dove into Ornamental Horticulture (that's a fancy name for gardening) at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. After college, Stewart worked in landscape in NJ until, driven by a love of palms, he moved to Southern California.

Stew ran the landscape department of a prominent Los Angeles nursery while advising (and lecturing) on garden care. He was called the Gardener of the Stars because of the celebrity clients he had in Los Angeles. He became a Certified California Nurseryman, also studied Herbs and Spices and Natural History of Desert Plants at UCLA. Stewart taught horticulture in Jr High and High School in Los Angeles. Working with plants from a different perspective, he managed an alternative pharmacy in Granada Hills, CA where herbal and homeopathic remedies were available along with more conventional medicines. Plants, in all facets of human life, were Stew Silinsky's specialty.

The rare combination of cold savvy gardening of upstate NY and sub-tropical know-how of Southern California, gives Stewart unique base for helping gardeners all over the world. Add his teaching skills and experience in explaining garden concepts to laymen and you have all the ingredients you need to learn to garden better.

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