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Landscape Architecture

Take a walk through your local park. Notice the arrangement of different kind of greenery, the location of the playground equipment, where the benches are situated, and the space reserved for a gravel path. Do you think that all these are just thrown in haphazardly? If it is a park that you enjoy and believe was done well, the answer is almost definitely not.

What a regular architecture does for the insides, a landscape architecture does for the outsides. He designs the structure and layout of outdoor areas. Often a landscape architecture will work with regular architectures who design the actual buildings in the area. They often may work with surveyors and engineers to decide the best location for the roads: environmental scientist to assure their plans will not damage the natural resources; and botanist who knows which plants will grow well in the area.

Most companies only hire landscape architectures holding a bachelor degree in the field. Some even require a year or more of internship.

History of Landscape Architecture:

Prior to the 1800s the concept of landscape architect hardly existed. The cities were all fortified with little room for outdoor design. The original term “landscape architecture” was coined by a Scotsman in the late 1820s. He referred this to the skill of designing man made landscapes. Still there were no official “landscape architects” until much later on when Olmsted referred to him self as a landscape architect. The profession, as he referred to it, was creating sceneries around buildings and structures. He designed a number of parks in Boston which are still admired to this day.  Since then Landscape architecture has become a much more popular field and is predicted to become even more popular in the next couple years.

Usage of Landscape Architecture:

Landscape architects are needed for many different types of projects.

  1. Real estate  developments
  2. Airports
  3. Parks
  4. Highways
  5. Playgrounds
  6. Collages
  7.  Ball fields
  8. Shopping centers
  9. Backyards
  10. zoos


-In order to make a good landscape architect you must have a love for nature, be good with working with your hands and be analytical minded. In this day and age you must also be computer inclined and know how to use the special cad architect software.

- Good knowledge of botany and fluency in math skills are very important for landscape architects

- Even when not required, it is advisable to complete at least an internship for at least a month or two before entering a firm.

- The average salary of landscape architects $60,000

- Before hiring a landscape architect ask to see some projects he has done. Also be sure to call a few for different estimates.

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