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Landscape overview

A landscape is a horizontally expansive view of a natural setting that can be seen from a single viewpoint.

A landscape includes all of the features and objects that are visible in a given territory.The focus subject of landscapes is the general aspect of nature, such as fields, hills, forests, and water. However; it comprises all the physical, living, abstract and human elements found there too.

Landscape is also used as the branch of art that depicts natural scenery.

When used as a verb, to landscape means to develop or improve the appearance of an area of land. This is generally accomplished by adding color, form, and texture in a consciously arranged fashion to create beauty. This often includes plants, greenery, and anything of a natural sense.

The word landscape originates from the Dutch word, landschap which means a region or patch of land. It was first recorded in the late 16th century, dating back to the period when Dutch artists were beginning to master landscape art.

The word was later adapted into the English Language and used in an artistic sense to mean a picture representing a natural scene of land or sea. It took a few decades until it was used as an actual view or vista of natural scenery. Landscapes were first introduced through paintings and only then seen in real life.

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