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If you are digging for information about flowers, look no further than handy flower guides! A flower guide is a mini-manual with a wealth of information about flowers. There are so many different types of flower guides to guide your flower success that you can have a real field day learning all you need to know about flower types, flower care, flower identification, flower growing seasons, occasions to send flowers, and bunches more - - all with a flower guide!

A flower guide is a gateway into the wonderful world of flowers. Whether you are a flower freshman or an experienced flower connoisseur, there is always something fascinating to discover and something enthralling to gather from a flower guide. A flower guide can answer the question: "To seed or not to seed"; a flower guide can help you find the correct names for flowers you see; a flower guide can tell you when to plant annuals, perennials and bulbs; a flower guide can give you gardening tips and garden design ideas; a flower guide can offer you time and money saving tips; a flower guide can direct you how to buy and care for flowers; a flower guide can provide a handy flower calendar so that you will know what to do with your flowers and when.

From A to Z, flower guides not only walk you through the printed information you are looking for, but many flower guides feature colorful flower photographs and picturesque scenes of flowers in bloom. Some flower guides specifically depict flowers of a certain geographical region, country, or state. For example, the Nebraska Roadside Guide is a flower guide to the wildflowers seen in the Nebraska area, as the Kansas flower guide contains information and more than 1800 identification photos for some 450 species of forbs, grasses, sedges, rushes, and woody plants that are found growing in Kansas. The flower guide for the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve is highly specialized. This flower guide provides bloom identification for the 148 flowers commonly seen on the Santa Rosa Plateau trails, and its flowers are arranged in order of the colors of the rainbow, from red to violet, with white flowers appearing first. Delving even deeper into the roots of this area's flowers, the flower guide divides the flowers into plants less than 3" high, between 3 and 12" high, and larger than 12" high.

There are myriads of pamphlets, books, and online sites that can provide just the type of flower guide you are seeking. The online teachers' guide to flowers and plants comes complete with lesson plans, best of the web recommendations, thematic units, and children's flower craft activities. A flower-growing guide helps you sow the seeds of flower-growing success with up-to-the minute information about flower types, flower-bed preparation, starting seeds, moving bulbs, watering and cultivating flowers, removing old flowers, flower-growing tips and more. Look for a flower guide on wildflowers for both basic and wild tidbits of information on wildflowers, including wildflowers listed by color, wildflowers listed by time of flowering, common name index, scientific name index, wildflower pictures, wild grasses, wildflower bibliographies and wildflower glossaries. There is even a flower guide for holiday weekends in Eastern Canada and Northeastern U.S.A. that is organized into sections according to flowering times coinciding with the three North American summer holiday weekends (Victoria Day/Memorial Day; Canada Day/Independence Day; Civic Holiday/Labor Day). The flowers chosen in this flower guide occur widely over eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, and the majority can be spotted without even leaving the car.

A wedding flower guide helps you plan your special day by walking you down the aisle with wedding flower fundamentals such as recommendations and tips for wedding flower bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and boutonnieres, and the rest of the wedding flowers needed for the ceremony and reception. You can find wedding flower color guides, wedding flower symbolism guides, bridal bouquet guides, seasonal wedding flower guides, and more.

No matter what types of flowers fascinate you, a flower guide is a helpful handbook to have lying around. You can invest in an exotic flower guide; a mountain flower guide; a Hawaiian flower guide; a floral arrangement flower guide; an artificial flower guide; a silk flower guide; a state flower guide; a monthly birthday flower guide; a Mother's Day flower guide: a Valentine's Day flower guide; a spring flower guide; a romantic flower guide; a year-round cut flower availability guide; a flower meaning guide; a guide for flower parts; a guy's guide to giving flowers; a tropical flower guide; a holiday flower guide; a seasonal flower guide; an annual flower seed germination guide; a cake decorating flower guide; a blue flower guide; an online clipart flower guide; an all about roses flower guide, and multitudes more.

For affordable flowers that won't ground your budget into the ground, look for Internet flower-buying guides that compare leading Internet flower vendors in terms of price, delivery, arrangements and service. Don't know any florists? Simplify your search with a how-to-choose-a-florist guide. To send flowers around the world, consult with an international flower delivery guide, and for beauty that really IS skin deep, leaf through a flower tattoo guide.

From common flowers to the most rare, from your backyard to all around the world, you can find answers about the flowers you fancy in a flower guide! So, satisfy your flower curiosity and set your mind at ease as you kick back and take time to smell the flowers - - with your fabulous flower guide!

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