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Flower girl dresses


Bridal wear has never been more glamorous, ladylike or beautiful than with the new lines of dresses for the youngest members of the bridal party: Flower girl dresses! Flower girl dresses are magical. Flower dresses are fairytale-like. Flower girl dresses are every little girl's dream-come-true! Flower girl dresses come in a wide range of modish styles, from formal to casual, Victorian to contemporary, long to short, sleeveless to full-length sleeve, satin to cotton, white to colorful, and from pretty a-lines to poofy ball gowns.

A flower girl is usually a young girl between the ages of 3 and 8 who has a special connection to the bride and groom. She walks down the aisle before the maid of honor or bridesmaids with a basket of flowers, scattering them on the aisle. Traditionally, flower girl dresses are white in a mini-version of the bride's dress, or flower girl dresses can be chosen in a color and style to match the bridesmaid's dresses or in a look that keeps the overall color scheme in mind. Contemporarily, however, flower girl dresses need not follow any ground rules or wedding style guidelines. Today's flower girl dresses have a look all of their own - from young and cutesy to grown-up and sophisticated; from traditional fanfare to up-to-the-minute, en vogue and trendy.

Who besides the bride gets as much attention as the flower girl in her flower girl dress? And if you are can't seem to choose between several flower girl candidates, why not have two or even three flower girls? It will add to their confidence, increase the cuteness quotient, and make the flower girl dress spectacle even more spectacular! Flower girl dresses are especially styled for children, rather than for a teen or adult. However, since some flower girl dresses are quite sophisticated while other flower dresses have a young look, be sure to select age-appropriate flower girl dresses for your little girl.

Choosing flower girl dresses is a lot of fun! Little girls are thrilled to have their own walk down the aisle, and since the wedding day is their big day too, you and the flower girl will want the perfect flower girl dress for a picture perfect, flowery event!

You can find flower girl dresses at bridal shops, children's clothing stores, department stores and designer clothing stores. Or, go on the Internet and visit online collections of hundreds of styles of flower girl dresses. You can also find high quality, brand name flower girl dresses at discount prices, both on and off line.

Formal wear for girls has clearly sprouted new roots and many new branches with the myriad of flower girl dress styles, looks and designs available today. Here is but a budding scent of the flourishing flower girl dress options you can select from:

Look for Belle of the Ball flower girl dresses with an oversized bow, gathered skirt with flower detail, and folds of shimmering duchess satin cascading to the floor; Princess flower girl dresses with a matte-satin bodice, double layer tulle skirt over two layers of satin lining with crinoline in between, and a ribbon sash that ties snuggly into a bow; Classic, sleeveless flower girl dresses with a beaded flower patterned skirt, pearl button back or a waist embellished with rhinestones; Cap sleeve flower girl dresses or off the shoulder sleeve flower girl dresses with spaghetti straps and the option of a long-sleeve sweater in white, ivory, pink, red, black or amethyst; Beaded flower girl gowns with a portrait, Southern splendor neckline - stunning flower girl dresses for pretty young ladies!

For traditional weddings, select tea length flower girl dresses in organza or satin; winter weddings are wonderful with stunning velvet and tulle flower girl dresses with floor length streamers; fairytale weddings favor flower girl dresses with full tulle skirts embroidered with petals; Victorian weddings are classic with flower girl dresses adorned in roses, lace, ribbons, and textured fabrics like ivory crinkle and taffeta; Casual weddings bring flowery flower girl frocks, sundresses and bonnets for a fresh, airy look and feel; Holiday weddings love flower girl dresses decked in holiday colors of gold, burgundy, hunter green, ivory, gold, silver or red. Fall weddings favor ivory, beige, gold, dusty blue, rose, fuchsia and lavender flower girl dresses while spring and summer flower girl dresses are white, off-white, ivory, pink, lilac, light blue or yellow.

If you love to dress up your little girl, you will love selecting her flower girl dress and an entire "field" of flower girl dress accessories that have flooded this fast-growing sector of the wedding apparel market. Give flower girl dresses the "finishing touch" with flower girl baskets, flower girl crowns, flower girl veils, flower girl hair bows, flower girl shoes, socks and tights, and flower girl jewelry to dress up your favorite flower girl.

Finally, some flower girl and flower girl dress TIPS: To best prepare your flower girl for her role on the big day, and to calm both your jitters, buy the flower girl a book about being a flower girl which will explain her duties and increase her excitement. (You may want to consider 10 Neat Things About Being a Flower Girl, written by Penelope C. Paine and Illustrated by Itoko Maeno. This easy to read 6" x 6" book is 24 pages, colored throughout). On the day she dons her fabulous flower girl dress, seat the flower girl's parents by the aisle, near the front so that she can see them when she walks down the aisle and during the ceremony itself. Ask a bridesmaid to be the flower girl's "buddy", and make sure the flower girl uses the restroom before the ceremony! As for flower girl dresses, it is important to keep styles comfortable and fabrics non-scratchy. Make sure flower girl dresses are not too long, so that flower girls won't be pulling at their dresses or tripping down the aisle. And, if your flower girl doesn't like dresses, choose a pants outfit with the same level of formality as the bridesmaid dresses!

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