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Flower tattoos

Join the trends of the times with tattoos: Flower tattoos! With flower tattoos, beauty really IS skin deep! Over the past decade, tattoos have gained in prominence with an estimated 15,000 tattoo parlors operating in the United States and an estimated 16% of Americans now having one or more tattoos. Particularly hot are cool flower tattoos, with nearly1,200 different flower tattoo designs created by some of the world's best tattoo artists, and with new flower tattoos being added daily.

The word tattoo stems from the Tahitian "tatu", which means to mark something. Also known as body art and body modification, tattoos and flower tattoos are rooted in a 12,000-year old history! Traditionally, tattoos were reserved for initiation rites, ancient rituals and religious ceremonies. Romans marked their slaves with tattoos as a form of status and ownership; ancient Greece used tattoos for spies to communicate with each other; and Hawaiian and Native American cultures used tattoos in religious ceremonies. Nature, a vital element in all cultures and religions, has longtime been incorporated into the tattoo tradition, and today, flower tattoos remain the popular pick among nature tattoos and flower tattoos are rapidly growing to the top of the tattoo charts!

Early flower tattoo technology was rooted in… flowers! Ancient flower tattoos were administered by puncturing the skin with a piece of bone dipped in flower ink. Following this flower trail, today's flower tattoos are delivered via small punctures with the needle of a tattoo machine that is dipped into ink and moves up and down the skin like a sewing machine. Tattoos and flower tattoos are permanent because the ink is inserted into the dermis, or secondary skin layer below the epidermis or primary layer of skin, where the ink molecules cannot be carried away in the bloodstream.

The variety of flower tattoos has sprouted like weeds over the years, and flower tattoo technology has flourished. Flower tattoo designs, also known in the field as "flash", are flashier than ever! Today, tattoo artists compete with each other to create the most flowery, colorful and trendy flower tattoo designs, transforming parts of the body into meaningful pieces of art.

As symbolic art, tattoos with flower pictures and symbols can have meaning far below the surface. Flowers are the embodiment of nature and have been used to represent the cycle of birth, life, procreation, death and rebirth. Specific flower tattoos and flower tattoo colors represent a variety of different beliefs in different cultures. In the East, for example, the lotus flower tattoo has great spiritual significance. White flower tattoos can represent purity, and red flower tattoos may symbolize passion or blood.

Today, flower tattoo meanings sway like the wind, with great flexibility that allows the flower tattoo wearer to decide on its significance. Rose flower tattoos, the most popular of the flower tattoo bunch, can be romantic or they can be sinister. In today's tattoo culture, red rose flower tattoos may mean love, but if the rose flower tattoo is burgundy, it stands for unconscious beauty, yellow rose flower tattoos signify a decrease in love, and red and white rose flower tattoos represent love unity.

Myriads of flower tattoos are leaving a mark meaning beauty. For these skin-deep flower tattoos, select amaryllis, alyssum, calla, white camellia, burgundy rose, and stock flower tattoos. For delicate beauty, choose hibiscus flower tattoos and for rustic beauty go country-style with honeysuckle flower tattoos.

You can find entire fields of flower tattoo pictures and designs sprawling across the Internet via online tattoo websites. Even if you are not particularly creative or imaginative, with thousands of tattoo art galleries you can browse for flower tattoo ideas, you can relax and take time to smell the flowers! Most sites offer dozens of downloadable, printable flower tattoo stencils you can take to the tattoo artist of your choice. And you need not be limited by what you see: Follow your nose if you are onto the scent of a flower tattoo design you cannot locate, flash a crude sketch of your desired flower tattoo to a tattoo artist and your flower tattoo specialist will craftily create the flower tattoo of your dreams!

Are you a little weary about wearing a flower tattoo forever? If permanent flower tattoos seem just a bit too grassroots for you, try sowing the seeds of your flower tattoo success with temporary flower tattoos! This fast-growing sector of the tattoo industry offers temporary flower tattoos in several varieties including decal or adhesive flower tattoos, airbrush flower tattoos, and trendy henna flower tattoos. Temporary flower tattoos present no risk for infection or disease and cost a fraction of the price of permanent flower tattoos.

Adhesive flower tattoos are the least complicated and least expensive of the temporary tattoo assortment. These garden variety tattoos last for 2-5 days, are easily applied with a wet cloth or sponge, are easily removed and are a fun way to experiment with body art. Airbrush temporary flower tattoos are painted on the body with the use of stencils and a CO2 sprayer. There is a wide assortment of styles of airbrush flower tattoos, ranging from the realistic-looking, to the shimmer, glitter, and glow-in-the-dark styles. They may not smell like a rose, but these flower tattoos can "live" for up to a week and are like the real deal by any other name! Henna flower tattoos are another temporary tattoo that appears extremely realistic. Made from the crushed, dried leaves of the Henna plant, the ink of these permanent tattoo look-alikes is left on the skin for between four and twelve hours and will last for 3 weeks. There are a variety of different types of henna, however the most popular is Moroccan henna, providing the best colors for flower tattoos.

Flower tattoos are perfect for painting cheeks, shoulders, ankles, lower backs, arms, bellies, and more. Choose from popular flower tattoo blossoms including daffodil, lily, iris, peony, and rose flower tattoos; carnation, tiger lily, tulip and poinsettia flower tattoos; miniature flowers, flower garlands, dainty buds, long-stemmed beauties, sunflower and daisy flower tattoos, and many more.

To make sure today's tattoos don't become tomorrow's regrets, here are some flower tattoo fundamentals to follow:

Choose a tattoo facility carefully: Make sure the establishment is reputable, licensed and sterile. Look out for unacceptable conditions such as the use of needles on more than one patient and technicians who don't wear gloves.

Keep things simple: A small tattoo with one to three colors is the easiest to remove, as well as to conceal.

Choose an appropriate body location: Since tattoos in unusual and sensitive areas can lead to scarring that may never heal, think twice about where to place a tattoo on your body.

Remember what's "hot" today may not be "cool" tomorrow: Select your tattoo design with a vision down the long road.

Don't self-administer tattoos: Attempting to give yourself a tattoo can lead to infections, serious health complications and even death.

Don't ignore an infection: If you experience redness or soreness or suspect any problems, see your dermatologist immediately.

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