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Hawaiian flowers

Say "aloha" to Hawaii with heavenly, Hawaiian flowers! Now you can bring paradise home with a grand selection of tropical flowers and plants shipped straight from the Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaiian flowers evoke the spirit, scent and beauty of the tropical islands. For a striking design statement, decorate your home with exotic Hawaiian flowers. Use Hawaiian flowers to add bursts of bright, vivid color to a favorite room, or send out-of-this-world Hawaiian flowers as a gift to the person in your life who "has it all"...

Today, you can easily order Hawaiian flowers on the Internet or by phone and expect to receive your South Pacific delivery in a matter of days! Hawaiian flowers, shipped directly from the farm and cleared for transport out of the islands, withstand shipping well and last longer than most flower varieties. Hawaii has become a haven for many types of exotic blooms, and today, nothing says Hawaii better than beautiful Hawaiian flowers!

Want to know more about the grassroots of your favorite Hawaiian flower and where it stems from? Here is the 'lowdown' on some of the many types of tropical Hawaiian flowers you can order today:

Anthuriums: Anthurium, the Greek word for "tail flower," was first brought to Hawaii in the late 1800's. This Hawaiian flower blooms year-round with peaks during summer months, thrives in warm, humid climates (65-85°F) and is known for its long shelf life. About 98% of Hawaii's anthurium production is grown on the Big Island and is valued at about $7.5 million. Seven anthurium cultivars grow on the island, producing luscious Hawaiian flowers in red, pink, orange, white, green, obake (mixed color), and novelty. The wide assortment of anthurium shapes has further helped them climb the vines of Hawaiian flower popularity! From heart-shaped anthuriums to long, tulip-shaped anthriums, these Hawaiian flower delights offer a delicate counterpoint to plainer flowers in a bouquet, or make a dramatic statement standing alone. Anthuriums are sensitive to cold temperature and should be stored at 55-70°F with misting to keep the humidity high. To revive wilted anthuriams, re-cut stem ends under water and immerse the entire flower in cool water for 15-20 minutes.

Carnations: These Hawaiian flowers are grown in the Waimea area, Kau and North Kohala and have an annual value of $250,000. Between 15 and 20 varieties of carnations are grown on the island for both cut flower and lei purposes.

Birds of Paradise: Among the most popular Hawaiian flowers is undoubtedly the bird of paradise flower. Known also as a crane lily (strelitzia eginae), the tender yellow-orange petals of this famed Hawaiian flower, enriched with shades of shimmering blue and green, make it one of the most striking visual images found in the botanical world.

Orchids: The Big Island, also known as the Orchid Isle, grows half of the state's orchids and is the home of some of the most renowned orchidologists. Six varieties of orchids are grown commercially in Hawaii: dendrobiums, cattleyas, vandas, cymbidiums, oncidiums and phalaenopsis. Marketed as cut and potted orchids, dendrobiums dominate the cut orchid market with a value of approximately $3 million per year. The orchid plant, an elegant tribute to the image of Hawaii as a tropical paradise, has longtime symbolized love, tenderness, joy and friendship. These impressive Hawaiian plants are 20"-30" tall, come in many tropical colors, and their sprays can last a month or more with proper care. Hardly a Hawaiian flower bouquet or lei is created without including an orchid of some species or another! The cattleya orchid plant, nicknamed the "Queen" of orchids, produces large, showy blooms. Most common, however, is the dendrobium wasselii, a small Hawaiian orchid with pure white blossoms that make it ideal for complimenting more colorful blooms.

In your home, a Hawaiian orchid plant will thrive under normal household conditions. When you receive your plant, remove the cellophane right away and water thoroughly. Place your orchids near a window with morning or late afternoon sun and keep at temperatures between 55-85 degrees F. Do not expose to extreme cold and keep away from heating and air conditioning vents. Water orchid plants twice a week and fertilize monthly with a commercial foliar orchid fertilizer.

Heliconias: Splendid splashes of color, dramatic form, long life, and a variety of sizes make this flower a favorite for Hawaiian flower arrangements. The name Heliconia (pronounced "hell-ee-cone-ee-uh") honors Mt. Heliconia, home of the ancient Greek gods. With between 250-400 species or more of this tropical flower, Erect Heliconias are the largest of the heliconias, while Heliconia Psittacorum tropical flowers are small, dainty heliconias that add splashes of color to any Hawaiian flower bouquet. Varieties of this delicate tropical bunch include "false bird of paradise," "parrot's beak," "parakeet," and many more.

Proteas: Proteas are amongst the world's most unusual tropical flowers and production on the island of Hawaii is valued at over one million dollars. Proteas bloom year-round, peaking in October through February, and last for two weeks. The Protea family of tropical flowers is named for the Greek God Proteus, who could change his appearance at will. There are over 1400 different varieties of this tropical flower majesty, with the Hawaiian flower varieties named king, banksias, minks and pincushions. Proteas dry beautifully, making them an everlasting Hawaiian flower gift.

Are you familiar with lovely Hawaiian flower leis? A Hawaiian flower lei is the ultimate symbol of aloha from the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, a Hawaiian flower lei expresses the same sentiments as the word "aloha", which means love, mercy, compassion, pity, loved one, to love, greetings, and good bye! Hawaiian flower leis are rooted in a deep tradition as years ago Hawaiian women swam out to the ships to greet sailors with colorful flower leis. Later, when large cruise ships would dock in Honolulu Harbor, passengers were greeted with multiple leis of many different types of Hawaiian flowers. Today, Hawaiian flower leis are given and worn on a variety of occasions including weddings, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.

There are many types of Hawaiian leis made from a variety of materials. Hawaiian flower leis are often made using orchids, due to their versatility and range of colors, with carnations added to lend their fragrance to the lei. More commonly, Hawaiian leis are made using only ti leaves, with little or no floral adornment. The most traditional Hawaiian lei is a garland woven from green Maile, also known as the traditional wedding lei. Created by intertwining two beautiful fragrant vines, the Maile lei was once used by the Kahuna in old Hawaii to bind the hands of the bride and groom, symbolizing their sacred union.

Today, there is a wide assortment of Hawaiian flower leis made especially for Hawaiian style weddings! For example, double white orchid leis are popular for the mothers of the bride and groom; rose bud leis, made of petite rose buds, are perfect for bridesmaids or flower girls; tuberose leis, made of pale cream and white Hawaiian flowers and offering a sweet scent are a top pick for wedding party members, and leis of ti leaf intertwined with white orchid are often worn for good luck.

You can order all white Hawaiian wedding flower bouquets constructed from white dendrobium orchids surrounded by Hawaiian greenery, or you can customize Hawaiian wedding flower bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres with your own wedding colors. And here are some innovative Hawaiian wedding flower ideas to stimulate your flowering imagination: For the Hawaiian wedding of your dreams, add a Hawaiian flower hairpiece to accent your stylish hairdo; For a striking table centerpiece or for a wedding favor that's sure to be remembered long after the ceremony, distribute heart-shaped Hawaiian flower clay dishes; and for an eye-catching, elegant addition to any Hawaiian wedding or reception, decorate your affair with loose, white Hawaiian orchids, float orchids in water with candles for a romantic touch, or throw loose white orchids instead of rice! Finally, a Hawaiian wedding flower TIP: You can order packages of 250 loose orchids, available in white, purple or green. With proper care, loose orchids will last up to 4-5 days. Care: Sprinkle with water, place in a container or plastic bag, and refrigerate until ready to use.

When it comes to Hawaiian flower creativity, let your burgeoning imagination grow wild! Or, put your nose to the ground and follow this scent of assorted Hawaiian flower notions and products:

Go high-tech with a Hawaiian flower screensaver featuring over 30 images of Hawaiian tropical flowers.

For an exquisite appearance, adorn yourself with 14 karat, tri-color Hawaiian flower jewelry such as yellow, white, & rose gold Hawaiian flower earrings, pendant, bracelet and necklace.

Stay up to date with a beautiful Hawaiian flower wall calendar. A great gift idea and a gorgeous way to bring in the New Year!

Get decked out in decorative Hawaiian flower shirts, t-shirts, dresses, shorts and hats. Dress up the whole family in Hawaiian flower attire!

Make your own Hawaiian flower lei from the ground up, or purchase a Hawaiian Flower Lei Making Kit, complete with 500 flowers, 4 lei needles, twine, and Hawaiian flower lei craft instructions.

Bring the South Pacific and a taste of Hawaii to your luau or party with artificial, silk Hawaiian flower leis and wreaths as well as Hawaiian flower party decorations and party favors.

Finally, if you are in need of some relaxation or simply want to experience a taste of heaven here on earth, join the " Hawaiian Magic Tropical of the Month Club" or "Orchid of the Month Club". As a member of this exclusive Hawaiian flower society, you will receive a standing monthly order of Hawaiian tropical flowers and orchid plants at a substantial discount. Every first Tuesday or Wednesday of each month, a different orchid plant or Hawaiian flower mix will be delivered directly to your doorstep!

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