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Pink Roses HISTORY

Roman Mythology explains that the creation of the pink rose came about when the beautiful maiden Rhodanthe tried taking the roles of goddess of the hunt and protectress of woman from Diana. Apollo, angered by this attack on his sister, turned Rhodanthe into a pink rose. In this light, the pink rose symbolizes the pain and suffering associated with Rhoadanthe's unruly behavior and her subsequent demise.

In a different Roman myth, Rhodanthe is the tormented subject of an overwhelming number of suitors looking for her hand in marriage. Desperate to escape, she fled to Diana's temple. The zealous suitors did not relent, and eventually broke down Diana's temple. Diana, jealous over Rhodanthe and upset about the destruction of her temple, turned Rhodanthe into a rose and the suitors into thorns.


Pink roses symbolize beauty, grace, and happiness. Pink roses display elegance and a poetic love. Depending on the shade of pink, they can also take on different meanings and messages.

A light pink rose expresses romance but at the same time is light-hearted and fun. They speak of admiration, gladness, sweetness, and sympathy. They tell the receiver that they are a pleasure to be with, and they are admired. In this sense, pink roses are ideal for expressing innocent love that could mature and turn into true, deep love in the future.

Dark or deep pink roses show appreciation and thanks. This is the "Thank you" rose of choice for anyone wishing to show gratitude to another.

Mixing pink roses with red roses represent strong romance and passion. A combination of pink roses with red and yellow roses represents the ideal relationship, and therefore the ideal Valentine's Day gift. This combination speaks of passionate lovers who also look to each other as the best of friends.

Pink roses are a wonderful addition to a wedding ceremony, the gorgeous pink paralleling the bride's innocent blush, expressing happiness, peace, and innocent love. A pretty pink bouquet of roses will compliment the bride's white wedding gown, adding an elegant feminine touch.


Just received a beautiful bouquet of pink roses? Or a single stunning long stemmed pink rose? You'll surely want to care for your roses the best you can, keeping them looking fresh and maximizing their lifespan. Here are a few tips on caring for your cut roses. While holding the end of the stem under water, cut off about an inch of the rose stem at an angle. Make sure to give your pink roses plenty of water, room temperature seems to be the best. If you received flower food with your bouquet, make sure to add it to the water. By keeping the water fresh and the roses out of direct sunlight, you will help preserve the beauty of your pink roses.

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