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Single Red Rose HISTORY

The rose has been one of mankind's favorite flowers since prehistoric times, and as early as the era of Greek Mythology, the red rose has become the symbol for lovers. Greek Mythology tells the tale of the yearning and passion associated with the red rose. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, created the red rose after being pricked by the thorns of a rosebush in her attempt to help her slain lover, Adonis. Her blood and the mix of their tears created the red rose. In a different version of this myth, it is Adonis' blood and Aphrodite's tears that mixed to create the red rose.

Roman mythology also tells the tale of the red rose. According to one myth, Venus, the Roman name for Aphrodite, created the red rose from her tears. A different myth explains that once, when Venus was walking through a garden, she pricked her foot on a thorn, her blood falling on a rose and turning it red. Another myth tells of Cupid pouring a glass of wine on the rose, creating its beautiful crimson red color.


The beauty of a single red rose is in its simplicity, expressing sincere love and gratitude. A single red rose says "I love you" like nothing else. It also expresses "You are the only one". Some also say that a single red rose expresses love at first sight.

A single red rose can represent "oneness", expressing eternal devotion and commitment. "There is no one else but you", or "You mean everything to me".

Some understand the simplicity of a single red as expressing stinginess, like saying "I love you but am not willing to spend all my cash proving it". While bigger often means better, and your wife or girlfriend may indeed appreciate a dozen roses instead of one, a single red rose continues to be a symbol of romance and sincerity.


Just received a beautiful single red rose? You'll surely want to care for your rose the best you can, keeping it looking fresh and maximizing its lifespan. Here are a few tips on caring for your cut rose. While holding the end of the stem under water, cut off about an inch of the rose stem at an angle. Make sure to give your single red rose plenty of water, room temperature seems to be the best. If you received flower food with your rose, make sure to add it to the water. By keeping the water fresh and the rose out of direct sunlight, you will help preserve the beauty of your single red rose.

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