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Yellow Roses HISTORY

The common yellow rose we are well acquainted with today is attributed to the rose breeder Joseph Pernet-Ducher. Born in Lyon in 1859, he dedicated 25 years of his life to breeding a yellow rose. In 1910 he was successful and the Rayon d'Or became the first golden yellow Hybrid Tea rose, and Pernet-Ducher was dubbed "the Wizard of Lyon".


Yellow roses symbolize true friendship and joy. This makes yellow roses ideal gifts for newlyweds, new mothers, or any kind of congratulations. Unlike the red rose, which speaks of passionate love, the yellow rose is like a warm, sincere smile, but nothing deeper.

There is a different side to yellow roses. Some say they speak of farewells, marking the ending of a relationship or a decrease of love. It marks a shift from the passionate love of the red rose to a bloodless, mundane relationship lacking a heartbeat. But even in this sorrowful context, yellow roses still shine with optimism, either encouraging a fresh new start, or in cases of a breakup, speaking of brighter futures and saying "Good luck".

Yellow roses mixed with white roses symbolize harmony, and yellow roses mixed with red roses symbolize happiness and celebration. A combination of pink roses with red and yellow roses represents the ideal relationship, and therefore the ideal Valentine's Day gift. This combination speaks of passionate lovers who also look to each other as the best of friends.


Just received a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses? Or a single stunning long stemmed yellow rose? You'll surely want to care for your roses the best you can, keeping them looking fresh and maximizing their lifespan. Here are a few tips on caring for your cut roses. While holding the end of the stem under water, cut off about an inch of the rose stem at an angle. Make sure to give your yellow roses plenty of water, room temperature seems to be the best. If you received flower food with your bouquet, make sure to add it to the water. By keeping the water fresh and the roses out of direct sunlight, you will help preserve the beauty of your yellow roses.

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