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Spring into spring with sensational spring flowers! With their burst of spring flower colors and spring flower fragrances, the best of spring comes to life with spring flowers. Nothing celebrates the new season better than brilliant spring flowers such as tulips, daisies, daffodils, lilies, blue bells, hyacinths, violets and myriads of other spring flowers. With their pink, purple and lavender hues, bright red and yellow combinations, and blue, mauve, lilac and white tones, spring flowers draw sunshine and warmth into your home and garden.

April showers bring...spring flowers! While the popular adage correctly depicts spring flowers that blossom in May or June, here is a spring flower fact that sometimes gets buried in the ground: Early spring flowers can start to bloom as soon as the first warm days in February! One of the most important early spring flowers is the dandelion. Honeybees visit dandelions in the spring for both nectar and pollen.

Want to know when you can expect to see your favorite spring flowers blooming naturally? Have a field day with this budding list of spring flower blossoming times: French Tulips: Spring; Grape Hyacinths: Early to mid spring; Freesias: Spring to summer; Hydrangeas: Summer; Lilacs: Spring to early summer; Lisianthus: Summer; Parrot Tulips: Early spring; Peonies: Spring to early summer; Poppies: Summer; Roses: Summer to fall; Siberian Iris: Spring to early summer; Sweet Peas: Early summer; Tulips: Early spring; Narcissus: Spring.

It's springtime, the garden is waking up, and it's time to enjoy the spring show of spring-flowering bulbs you planted last fall! Indeed, the hallmark of spring flowers are bulbs, with their ephemeral but long-remembered and cherished explosions of color and aroma that literally breathe spring into the air. Here are some spring flower suggestions to help sow the seeds of your spring bulb success!

Even when they're not blooming, spring flowers such as bulbs need a little TLC so that they'll blossom better the next time spring rolls around. Spring flower experts recommend removing the dead flower heads of large-flowered bulbs right away, so that the plant's energy is channeled into forming bulbs rather than into setting seeds. As for spring bulb foliage, resist the temptation to remove foliage while it is green since the green leaves nourish the bulb and next year's spring flower buds, which form during summer. Cut off spring bulb leaves only after they yellow, and don't braid the leaves (as many spring flower freshmen do to get them out of the way) since braiding reduces the amount of sunlight the leaves get and hinders spring flower growth. Six weeks after blooming is considered a "safe" time to mow the green leaves of spring flowers.

Spring flowers and bulbs should be fertilized at the proper times. Work a high-phosphorus plant food, such as rock phosphate or super phosphate, into the bottom of the holes when you plant spring bulbs. Thereafter, spring bulbs need nitrogen. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer in early spring when the spring flower shoots emerge, and again after flowering to fuel foliage and bulb growth for next year's spring flowers. Or, apply bulb booster (a slow-release formula) to plantings in the fall.

And here is a spring flower fact not every spring flower gardener knows: When spring bulb leaves sometimes poke above ground during warm winter spells, many green thumbs worry that snow or freezing temperatures will kill the bulbs or destroy spring flowers. In truth however, foliage and flower bulbs usually withstand freezing temperatures without harm, suffering damage only if brittle flower stems are broken or if the temperature changes are too abrupt.

For spring flowers with a personality of their own, select tantalizing tulips! Tulips are a popular pick among spring flowers and spring bulbs. And check out this tulip tidbit and tulip tip: Tulips continue to grow even after they are cut, and will even rearrange themselves in a vase! To show off your tulips, and for an exotic spring flower look, cut tulip stems short, gather the flowers tightly into a mass of colorful ruffles, and gently fold back the outer petals of the tulips to show off their inner petals.

In the excitement of planting spring flowers, don't forget the part of the garden beneath the surface. Soil improvement is one of the most important steps for creating a successful spring garden. This spring, get the dirt on your dirt, enrich your soil so your spring flowers will be rooted in richness, and enjoy the spectacular show of gorgeous spring flowers!

If you love spring flowers, then you will love the experience of spring flower walks. Many commercial gardens, estates, nature trails and organized nature hikes offer unique opportunities to view the splendors of spring flowers at their best. All around the world, you can take advantage of guided spring flower walks and talks that make the most of the sights, smells and sounds of spring.

Spring flower bouquets and combinations can be as creative as your flowering imagination. Put your nose to the ground and follow this trail of assorted, aromatic and alluring spring flower arrangements:

Pair pink hydrangeas and grape hyacinths clustered in a crystal vase for a supremely simple arrangement; Evoke the best of spring with a tall arrangement of pink, purple, mauve, yellow and blue spring flowers that is sure to please; Take viewers' breath away with a dramatic arrangement of mixed color carnations with ample blue iris and baby's breath spring flowers; Go classic with a classic spring flower arrangement of yellow daffodils and daisies surrounded by greens, all tied in a bow; Tickle someone you love pink with a delivery of fresh-cut spring flowers in mainly pink tones; Bask in the glow of spring flowers with a lively basket of tulips, roses, aster, snapdragons, gerbera, stargazer lilies and more. Even a bouquet composed of a single type of spring flower can make a strong statement. Poppies, one of the most joyful spring flowers, beg to be smiled at! Watch in amazement as their dark pods become bright orange, red, and yellow in a burst of spring flower fireworks!

Bring spring flowers to your computer screen with spring flower screensavers featuring wonderful collections of picturesque spring blossoms and exotic spring flowers. Send someone you care about a sensational sunshine bouquet of all yellow spring flowers in a virtual spring flower e-card. Or, handcraft your own spring flowers with a myriad of spring flower arts and crafts projects such as cross-stitching spring flowers, making spring flower masks, hand printing spring flowers, pressing and drying spring flowers, and many more.

However you decide to bounce into spring this season, make sure that you don't miss a beat: Take time to celebrate spring flowers today!

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