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Looking for paradise here on earth? Create your own tropical paradise by surrounding yourself with luscious creations straight from heaven - - tropical flowers! Your dreams can come true with exotic, aromatic, picturesque tropical flowers. Stemming from the islands of Hawaii, tropical flowers will captivate you with their unsurpassed beauty. Tropical flowers will dazzle you with their glorious bursts of color. For exceptional quality, long vase life and outstanding varieties available the whole year through, choose tropical flowers and say "aloha" to heaven today!

Leading florists, designers and flower enthusiasts are delighting in tropical flowers, tropical plants and foliage from the big island of Hawaii. With their eye-catching elegance and distinctive appearance, tropical flower bouquets and tropical flower arrangements can turn your home into a palace, and tropical flowers are perfect as an unforgettable gift of unparalleled beauty.

Arriving farm-fresh from Hawaii, tropical flowers last 1-2 weeks longer than other flower varieties and tropical flowers are an exceptional value since shipping fees are included in most tropical flower orders. There are so many different types of tropical flowers in existence that you can have a real field day exploring the wide, wonderful world of flowers from the tropics! To start you on your road to paradise, here is a budding list of some of the magnificent tropical flowers you can enjoy today:

Anthurium (Anthurium andreaenum): The roots of this tropical flower stem as far back as 1889 when the original anthurium was brought to Hawaii from Colombia by an English missionary, Samuel Damon. Known as the "Heart of Hawaii", the various cultivars of the anthurium family are of the longest lasting tropical flowers in tropical flower arrangements, and can last up to 2 1/2 weeks.

Tulip Anthurium: Also known as "Calypso", this tropical flower is a novelty anthurium and is cupped like a tulip petal. Enjoy tropical varieties available in red, purple, lavender, lime green, white, and blush. Bird-of-paradise (Strelitzia reginae): One of the most popular tropical flowers, the colorful flower head of this tropical variety resembles a bird's head. Bird of paradise tropical flowers are said to have originated in South Africa and evolved in Madagascar, an island off the east coast of Africa.

Ginger (Zingiberaceae): Many ornamental gingers have been introduced into Hawaii during the past century. There are approximately 1,400 species of these tropical flowers including the edible species.

Red and Pink Ginger (Alpinia purpurata & Alpinia purpurata): The strong colors and forms of these tropical flowers, along with their long-lasting quality, make these blooms favorites for tropical cut-flower bouquets. Heliconias: Splendid splashes of color, dramatic form, long lasting, and a variety of sizes make this flower a favorite for exotic, tropical flower arrangements. The name Heliconia (pronounced "hell-ee-cone-ee-uh") honors Mt. Heliconia, home of the ancient Greek gods. With between 250-400 species or more of this tropical flower, Erect Heliconias are the largest of the heliconias, while Heliconia Psittacorum tropical flowers are small, dainty heliconias that add splashes of color to any flower arrangement. Varieties of this delicate tropical bunch include "false bird of paradise," "parrot's beak," "parakeet," and many more.

Orchids: The orchid plant, an elegant tribute to the image of Hawaii as a tropical paradise, has longtime symbolized love, tenderness, joy and friendship. These impressive tropical plants are 20"-30" tall, come in many tropical colors, and their sprays can last a month or more with proper care.

Proteas: Proteas are amongst the world's most unusual tropical flowers. Native to South Africa and Australia but grown especially well in the Kula area of Upcountry Maui, the Protea family of tropical flowers is named for the Greek God Proteus, who could change his appearance at will. There are over 1400 different varieties of this tropical flower majesty, with royal names such as King, Queen or Duchess. All Proteas are long lasting and dry beautifully, making them an everlasting tropical flower gift.

Pink Mink: A proteas variety, this tropical flower is described as "fuzzy" or "feathery" and its long lasting blooms are used in either fresh or dried tropical flower arrangements.

Pincushion Protea: Resembling the spiny sea urchins, pincushions come in beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow, and are great tropical flowers to accent any tropical flower arrangement.

Looking for some flowery ideas on how to arrange tropical flower sensations? Here are some array suggestions to satisfy your tropical flower temptation!

Select a Tropical Swirl Bouquet consisting of an armful of tall and colorful tropical flowers and greens in a grand swirl vase. Eye-catching as a table centerpiece or majestic in the entryway, huge heliconoia, pink and red ginger, and delicate parakeets are accented with a fan of monstera foliage in this unique tropical flower blend.

For a taste of the extraordinary, order a dramatic and distinctive tropical bouquet of Red Anthuriums that is sure to take center stage!

Naturally exotic orchids reach unprecedented heights in this exciting new look: Dramatic mango orange orchids are mixed with strands of bear grass and Hawaiian ti leaves. A true, tropical flower adventure!

Birds of Paradise in a Vase: Tall and majestic, these regal tropical flowers make a bold statement with minimum effort. With their vivid blue and orange blooms, these tropical birds are of a breed of their own!

To extend the life of your tropical blooms, here's the dirt on how to care for tropical flowers:

Soak flowers in tap water for 15 minutes. (Except fuzzy-type protea and cymbidium orchids)

While flowers are submerged in water, cut 1/2 inch off from end of stem at a 45 degree angle. This insures that the water is drawn into the entire stem to help keep the flower fresh.

Create your beautiful tropical flower arrangement.

Clip stems a 1/2 inch and change water every 2 to 3 days. This enables water back into the stem to hydrate flower and improve longevity

When it comes to tropical flower innovations, let your burgeoning imagination grow wild! Or, put your nose to the ground and follow this scent of assorted tropical flower notions and ideas:

*** Join the Hawaiian "Magic Tropical of the Month Club" or "Orchid of the Month Club". As a member of this exclusive tropical flower society, you have a standing monthly order for tropical flowers and orchid plants at a substantial discount. Recipients receive a different orchid plant or tropical flower mix on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of each month. The ideal gift for the person in your life who "has it all" already!

*** Decorate with artificial tropical flowers whose vivid colors, embossed petals, and minute details resemble the real deal.

*** Stamps featuring tropical flowers are some of the most popular and most requested items of all time.

*** Adorn yourself with a handmade tropical flower pin crafted from polymer clay. A beautiful, unique gift for Mother's Day!

*** Have a tropical flower themed party with tropical flower party decorations and tropical flower party favors, such as tropical flower hair combs.

*** Go high-tech with tropical flower screensavers and wallpapers: Now you can have tropical flowers delivered to your desktop with free online pictures of tropical flowers, tropical flower gardens and tropical plants. Send tropical flower e-cards to friends and family for any and all occasions. Hundreds of gorgeous images of tropical flowers all at the click of your mouse!

Finally, you can dig up all the dirt on your favorite tropical flowers with handy tropical flower guides. These paperback manuals are available in bookstores or online, and are a quick gateway into the wonderful world of tropical flower paradise!

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