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From the ground up, if you dream it, you and your florist can build it! Build the wedding of your dreams with spectacular wedding flowers! Properly selected wedding flowers will enhance your wedding, enchant your wedding guests, set the mood and tone for the big event and be remembered for years to come. According floral and interior designers who specialize in wedding flowers, wedding flowers are one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Not only do they provide color, d├ęcor and scent, wedding flowers symbolize life, growth, and rebirth.

Next to the bride and groom, distinctive wedding flowers and wedding flower arrangements can be the highlight of your affair! Here is but a budding list of the myriad uses of versatile wedding flowers: Select bridal bouquet wedding flowers; bridesmaids wedding flowers; boutonniere wedding flowers for grooms, groomsmen, ushers, and fathers of the bride and groom; corsage wedding flowers worn by female relatives of the bride and groom; table decoration wedding flowers; pew and aisle wedding flowers; chapel wedding flowers; alter wedding flowers; wedding flowers for decorating cars and doors; wedding flowers to flank buffet and cake tables; ceremony wedding flowers; reception wedding flowers, dinner rehearsal wedding flowers, centerpiece wedding flowers, and many more.

Are you wise as to the roots of the wedding flower tradition? The origins of wedding flowers stem from ancient beliefs that strong smelling spices and herbs protect wedding parties from bad luck, evil spirits, and ill health. Early Roman wedding traditions expanded this concept with the custom of decorating the bride and groom in floral garlands which symbolized new life and hope for fertility. Similarly, the Greeks and Romans began the rite of strewing flowers before the bridal couple to symbolize the essence of love. Today, choices of wedding flowers may be still be influenced by "meanings" attributed to flowers during the Victorian era. However, according to leading wedding flower experts, individuality, rather than convention is the style in wedding flowers today. No longer do bridesmaids' bouquets need to match the bridal bouquet or centerpieces. Current wedding flower trends feature diversity of choice, explosions of color and distinctiveness of design.

To help you select the right bunch of wedding flowers for the day you say "I do", here are some "do's and don'ts" when it comes to selecting wonderful wedding flowers.

One of the biggest mistakes a wedding planner can make is not entrusting a professional florist to design their wedding flowers. The touch of a floral designer is a wedding flower fundamental that will be noticed in the feel of the ceremony, in the atmosphere of the room, and in the look of the wedding pictures.

Begin planting the seeds of your wedding flower success by asking friends and family for florist recommendations, but ultimately, you should select a wedding flower florist whose style you like, who is receptive to your ideas, and who pays attention to your vision. Ask to see samples of the florists' previous wedding flower work, noting decorating style, wedding flower coordination, wedding flower accessories, wedding flower color combinations and overall wedding flower finesse. Shop around and visit several florists, or you can locate wedding flower specialists at bridal shows or in the phone book.

Before your first visit to a florist, leaf through bridal books and floral guides to stimulate your flowering imagination! Sketch wedding flower ideas, cut out wedding flower pictures or take photographs of flowers you like and share them with your florist. This will help your florist get a sense of your design notions and translate your concepts and special requests into the perfect, personalized wedding flower arrangement.

Other grass roots information to share with your florist include descriptions of the wedding dress and groom's clothing, bridesmaids dress colors, church and reception arrangements and rules, samples of fabrics or lace to be used for gowns and dresses, and the like. You can also make arrangements for your florist to visit both the wedding ceremony and reception sites. The more information you can provide, the better your florist will be prepared to design your unforgettable wedding flowers.

If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing wedding flowers, relax, take time to smell the roses, and let your florist build your wedding flower array from the ground up! Remember, flowers and wedding flower arrangements are the florist's specialty. Anyway you pick your flowers, wedding flowers are sure to create a spectacular and memorable event that will be cherished for seasons to come.

It is important to contact your florist early on to begin planning your wedding flowers. Many florists accept only a set number of weddings on a given day, and it can take time to special order unique wedding flowers, color-matching ribbons, and other wedding flower accessories. A good rule of thumb is to contact your florist at least three months in advance, or if your wedding is going to be an elaborate event, occur during peak wedding season or a holiday, then six months to a year is recommended.

During your initial wedding flower consultation, discuss your wedding flower budget so that the florist knows what to recommend, and so the florist can advise you how to achieve your desired look and position your wedding flowers for maximum effect.

Wedding flower fundamentals you'll need to know before booking a florist for your wedding flowers are:

Location of your ceremony and how many wedding flower arrangements you'll need to decorate it.

Location of your reception and the prominent colors of the venue.

Number of wedding flower centerpieces you'll need. (Most round catering tables seat 8, 10 or 12 guests; rectangular tables generally seat 8 people)

Number of bridesmaids and the color of their dresses

Number of corsages and boutonnieres needed.

Wedding flowers needed for rehearsal dinners, post-wedding brunch, entryways, bathrooms, gift or cake tables, and buffet tables.

When it comes to the dollars and "scents" of wedding flower arrangements, find out if your florist will transport your wedding flowers and if there is a transportation fee. Ask if there any other additional or hidden costs you should be aware of; if the florist provides vases, urns, and potted plants or if you need to rent those separately; how long you have to make any changes in your wedding flower order (i.e. add, subtract or change wedding flower selections); find out the minimum deposit amount.

If you are planning to a wedding under the sun or stars, find out which wedding flowers will stand up best under outdoor weather conditions. If someone in the wedding party is allergic to flowers, and is more likely to say "achoo" rather than "I do" sneezing down the aisle, here are some allergy free wedding flower suggestions. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), proper planning of your wedding flowers can alleviate many of your allergy symptoms. Here is what the allergy experts advise:

Do not pick a wedding date in the peak of the allergy or ragweed season.

Use large, bright colored wedding flowers such as roses, daffodils or daisies that do not usually trigger allergies. Or, use dried or silk wedding flowers.

Visit an allergist ahead of time to find out what you are allergic to and to receive proper treatment. Take your medication the morning of your wedding, not later in the day when symptoms may already have started.

If the wedding or reception is to be held on a lawn, mow the lawn two to three days ahead of time using a lawn mower with a good grass catcher.

Put your ear to the ground and listen to the latest, budding news for brides! Today's wedding flower trends feature colorful, bold, creative wedding flower arrangements in contrast to traditionally white and romantic, delicate mixes of wedding flowers. En vogue for contemporary wedding flower bouquets are hand-tied bouquets which are often wrapped in ribbon or French-braided together, and contemporary bouquets, representing the individuality of the bride and inspired by unconventional ideas, styles and patterns with no specific geometric form. Still popular today are also nosegays - round clusters of flowers whose style dates back to the 14th century, and cascade bouquets featuring flowers that descend below the main portion of the bouquet design.

When it comes to flower drama, wedding flower containers are increasingly taking center stage. Playing a significant role in the appearance of your wedding flowers, creative wedding flower containers can make a bold design statement and can be adjusted to fit any budget.

To achieve a rich look without spending a fortune on wedding flowers, here are some cheap wedding flower alternatives:

Picking in-season and readily available wedding flowers will save you a bunch of money. Be honest with your florist about your wedding flower budget, and have them recommend the most inexpensive flowers.

Hold your wedding during holiday seasons when a church will already be decorated with flowers, and avoid holding your wedding in February when flower prices are at an annual high due to Valentine's Day.

Find a wedding venue such as a park or garden that is already lush with flowers for your wedding! Or, talk with your wedding venue and find out if any other brides have booked for the same day. Sharing the cost of wedding flowers will save you both a lot of money.

Carnations, one of the cheapest flowers, are quite striking when bunched together and used in abundance- - saving you a bunch of money!

Consider renting large potted plants such as tropical palms. These wedding flower alternatives fill a lot of space and will help frame your ceremony or reception site. Moreover, renting a potted plant is far cheaper than buying large wedding flower arrangements.

In the latest bridal buzz, brides are increasingly arranging their own flowers such as bouquets of simple roses tied with a ribbon. You can also creatively craft your own wedding flower centerpieces such as candles on top of rose petals or wide shallow bowls filled with water and several floating daisy blooms. Boutonnieres and corsages are generally inexpensive to order from a florist.

Order wedding flowers from an online wholesaler for lowest wedding flower prices. You will be responsible for all of the prep work of cleaning and trimming the flowers, and keeping them alive until the wedding day.

Finally, you can experiment with building your own wedding flower arrangements online with wedding flower websites that enable you to put together your own wedding flowers from their selection, then print and take the picture to your florist. Remember: From the ground up, if you dream it, you and your florist can build it! Build the wedding of your dreams with spectacular wedding flowers!

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